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Curbstoning hurts your business, plain and simple. We’re here to help fight it.

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Curbstoning is the unlicensed commercial sale of vehicles for profit. And, sadly, research shows that as many as one in five vehicles sold outside of dealerships are not legal private party car sales, but are in fact illegal sales of curbstoned vehicles. Take 20% of your total volume last year. That's the amount of business you lost to curbstoners. Across the industry, it adds up to millions of transactions, and billions of dollars.

That's a tremendous financial hit, and it's just the beginning. Those billions of dollars are generated outside the legal system, so taxes are usually unpaid - putting the burden for supporting your local services squarely on you and your fellow businesspeople. And, curbstoners bring the whole used car industry into disrepute through the sale of unsafe, cobbled-together, salvaged wrecks.

Consumers need to be informed about their choice of seller, and that's part of what this website is about. But licensed used car dealers also need to act to help fight curbstoning.

On this website, there are links to municipal authorities, sample letters to parking lot property owners, and even a printable handout you can use to educate your customers. We hope you'll join us in reducing this fraud.

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Uncover the tell-tale signs of collision damage with this free field guide from Stop Curbstoning.



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Find out how much one curbstoner can cost your city in this special report from Stop Curbstoning.











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