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Buying a used car from a private party? Be smart and safe!

There's nothing wrong with buying a used car from a private party - in fact, that's often a way to get a cream puff at a bargain price!

However, since you're "doing business" with an individual, private party purchases lack the legal protections that cover transactions at licensed used car dealerships. That leaves the door open to all kinds of automotive fraud, from installing lower-mileage odometer modules to selling cars that were salvaged in other states. It's up to you to make an informed buying decision.

Here are nine specific recommendations to help make sure you're dealing with a genuine by-owner sale, and not a curbstoner - an unlicensed or unethical used car dealer posing as a private party.

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california stop curbstoning case study

Find out how much one curbstoner can cost your city in this special report from Stop Curbstoning.




















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