Stop Curbstoning News Introduces Interactive New Way To Fight Curbstoning

Posted on Wed, Feb 29, 2012
Download a PDF of this release has added new site functionality allowing individuals in the U.S. and Canada to easily report incidents of curbstoning.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Feb. 29, 2012 – has unveiled an exciting new tool in the fight against curbstoners: interactive maps of the U.S. and Canada that allow users to report incidents of curbstoning activity in their state or province.

Report Curbstoning in U.S. and Canada“The purpose of is to make people aware of this fraudulent activity and motivate them to take action,” said AutoTec President Chuck Redden. “Creating a dynamic, easy-to-use map interface that lets them report curbstoning to the proper authorities was a natural next step.”

The process for reporting curbstoning varies from state to state in the U.S., as well as in Canadian provinces and territories, where the crime is known as “curbsiding.” In some places, this process means completing an official form, while in others, it’s a direct line to an investigator — there’s no single channel. Thankfully, Stop Curbstoning has compiled the appropriate procedures from each state, province and territory in one place, and directs consumers to the appropriate agency.

And since these processes do change, has made it easy for individuals to contact the site if its information is ever out of date.

“We would really like to hear from state agencies who have updated their reporting procedures from a general complaint line as a result of our efforts,” Redden said. “We’d like to see this issue given the attention it deserves, because people are needlessly getting ripped off every day — and unsafe cars are making their way back onto the road.”

For more information or to report curbstoning activity, visit  


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Posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Download a PDF of this release.

As the term "curbstoner" gains awareness in the general media, is attracting attention and web traffic. Dealers can join the fight, uniting in a common cause to stop curbstoning from harming their business and their customers. 

BIRMINGHAM, AL – June 27, 2011 – It has been over a year since AutoTec, the company behind AuctionACCESS, joined with other industry organizations to launch in a sustained campaign to stop curbstoning. Since its launch, the website has drawn national attention to the issue of curbstoning.stop curbstoning and all curbstoners by joinging the dealer network. NIADA and NADA members welcome

“When we started, ‘curbstoner’ was an industry term – it wasn’t a part of the general vocabulary,” Chuck Redden, president of AutoTec, says. “In the past several months, we’ve seen the term pop up more and more in news reports and legislative efforts. has dramatically increased awareness among consumers and lawmakers that curbstoning isn’t just against the law – it also compromises public safety and reduces revenues.”

One recent report follows the trail of lost municipal revenue associated with a single curbstoner. Dealers can download printed informational tools designed to combat curbstoning and support the value and security that dealerships offer their customers.

It’s no wonder that traffic to has more than doubled as the issue of curbstoning attracts more and more attention.

“We urge all dealers to join the campaign to stop curbstoning,” Redden says. “Now that the issue has gained traction, we’d like to see more dealerships link their websites to That shows potential customers that the dealership supports legal, licensed transactions – and, it educates customers about the risks of buying from so-called ‘private parties.’”

To join the fight against curbstoning and download dealer tools, register at


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Case Study Puts a Price Tag on Curbstoning

Posted on Tue, Dec 7, 2010

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Curbstoned cars are often cheap, but state and local governments pay a high price. A new case study from Stop Curbstoning reveals the true cost associated with a single curbstoner.

BIRMINGHAM, AL - December 7, 2010 - A recent California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) curbstoning investigation ended with a felony arrest on 12 counts of perjury and filing false documentation. But for, that was just the beginning.

The organization examined the financial impact of curbstoning, using this single real-life case as an example. It found that the cities in which the curbstoner operated lost over $56,000 in sales tax revenues alone, and the state of California lost $168,000. Other financial costs included lost license revenue, lost local business, and potentially increased emergency response burdens due to unsafe vehicles – all from just one curbstoner.

“Because there are so many curbstoners out there, even small things add up to a lot,” says Charles Redden, president of AutoTec, one of the companies behind the effort to stop curbstoning. “Take the annual state license fee for used car dealers. In California it’s $176 for the first year and $126 to renew. But for every thousand curbstoners, that’s over a quarter-million dollars every two years.”

“With local governments increasingly strapped for cash, enacting and enforcing anti-curbstoning laws can be a quick way to boost revenues and enhance their communities at the same time.”

The community enhancement and public safety aspects of enforcing anti-curbstoning laws are harder to quantify, but should not be underestimated, Redden says.

“Getting curbstoned vehicles off the streets frees up parking for local businesses, reduces obstacles to traffic, and eliminates eyesores,” Redden says. “It also eliminates a major source of unsafe vehicles – cars that look okay, but have major structural damage or missing safety equipment. How do you place a dollar value on all that? It’s priceless.”

For more information, see the full case study, How Much Can Just One Curbstoner Cost Your City? For further information about curbstoning and efforts to put a stop to this illegal practice, visit

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