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Stop Curbstoning Releases Consumer Guide: Detecting Collision Repair

Posted on Thu, Apr 21, 2011

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Used car buyers have a new weapon in the fight against potentially dangerous used vehicles in a form of a field guide, which reveals ways to tell if a car has been repaired after a serious accident.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – April 21, 2011 – Used car buyers must navigate a minefield of unscrupulous sellers and haphazardly repaired vehicles. Among the worst offenders are “curbstoners” – unlicensed individuals who buy and sell used cars to make a quick buck from unwary victims. Unfortunately, the internet has made it even easier for these unlicensed used car dealers to advertise their wares and draw in buyers.stop-curbstoning-collision-field-guide

“Some of these guys actually weld halves of two different cars together to make what looks like one complete car,” says Charles Redden, president of AutoTec, one of the companies behind the effort to stop curbstoning. “They slap a coat of paint on it, and it looks just fine to most people.”

That’s why put together a handy guide to help used car buyers detect collision repair.  “A Used Car Field Guide for Detecting Collision Repair,” is an online booklet full of useful tips for spotting subpar repair work, ensuring there are no disparities between what a seller says and what the car shows.

“We gathered the easiest ways to detect repaired body damage, and put it into a guide for regular people,” Redden says. “Of course, no one can catch every bad car, but it helps to know where to look and what to look for. Armed with that information, you can tell fairly quickly if a used car is one you should walk away from.”

In addition to reading the guide, Redden advises buyers to always get a thorough inspection from an experienced mechanic, as well as a vehicle history report from a service like AutoCheck.

“Most importantly,” he added, “always buy from a licensed dealer.”

To download the full field guide, A Used Car Field Guide for Detecting Collision Repair and for more information about curbstoning and efforts to put a stop to this illegal practice, visit

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