Tip #6: Make a Clean Break

Clear your personal records from the glove box and other storage compartments. Also, check under the seats and floor mats for any stray credit card receipts.

If you have a “secret” stash in your car, perhaps some emergency cash or a house key tucked away, remember to dig it out.

Inside tip from an ex-curbstoner:

“Every time we got a vehicle to sell, we’d go through it looking for ‘extras.’ It was like an Easter egg hunt! The most common hiding places were in the spare tire compartment or cover, jack compartment, fuse box, ashtray, seat pockets, under the bumpers, under seat covers or folding seat cushions, under floor mats, under the dashboard or center console, and inside any in-car tool kit or first aid kit.”

Finally, clear all your personal information from any computerized navigation or in-car data system. You don’t want to give a stranger all your phone contacts or directions to your bank.

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