Tip #4: Get The Word Out

Free classifieds and publications like Auto Trader are great ways to advertise your vehicle. If photos are permitted, they can really show off your car or truck. Most vehicles look best with a ¾ view, shot eye-level to the window line or slightly above. If you can, take the photos in the morning or early evening, and turn the lights on for effect. Make sure the background is relatively uncluttered. If multiple photos are allowed, show the interior and engine compartment.

Inside tip from an ex-curbstoner:

“Whether the mileage on a particular vehicle was high or low, we found that a photo of the odometer seemed more believable than only listing the mileage in the ad text.”

Flyers on local community bulletin boards also can be great ways to drum up phone calls.

If you run an ad, though, make sure you’re around to answer the phone – very often, callers won’t leave messages.

Scam Alert: If you use an online classified ad, be prepared to receive offers in which someone wants to give you a certified check or money order for more than your sale price (ostensibly to cover “shipping,” “duties,” or “finder’s fees”), which you’re supposed to partially refund. This is a well-known scam. A few days later the check will turn out to be phony and the full amount – plus the money you “refunded” – will be debited from your bank account.

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