Tip #3: Get Attention

You want people to know your car is for sale. Put on the biggest, brightest signs you can find without breaking local rules about signage on cars. For instance, some homeowner’s associations forbid on-vehicle signage, and some municipalities’ anti-curbstoning laws place limits on sign size and where your vehicle can be parked if it has a sign. In addition, states have rules that have to do with safety – like being able to see out the windows.

Inside tip from an ex-curbstoner:

“We’d use white shoe polish to paint ‘FOR SALE,’ and then a phone number, really big and neatly on the rear window. On the driver’s side back window we’d put a sign with “FOR SALE” and the phone number as big as we could. On the passenger side rear window, we’d put a neatly printed “For Sale” sign with more details, including year, make, model, mileage, and desirable features – and, of course, a phone number. We rarely had to advertise our cars. In a high-traffic area, we’d flip them in a couple days, just off the signs.”

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