Stop curbstoning help when buying used cars from private party sales and car dealers

Report Curbstoning in the U.S. and Canada


california stop curbstoning case study
Find out how much one curbstoner can cost your city in this special report from Stop Curbstoning.

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“Curbstoning” is the repeated, unlicensed “flipping” of used cars for profit.

Curbstoning is illegal in most cities. What’s more, curbstoners put consumers at risk, release unsafe vehicles onto the streets, hurt local businesses, and deny local governments the fees and tax revenue they need to provide essential public services.

Because enforcement resources are spread thin, it’s up to car buyers to be informed, automotive dealers to be proactive, and municipalities to be responsive.

“If I put a For Sale sign on my car, am I a curbstoner?”

Absolutely not! Curbstoning is a big business involving the sale of many, many vehicles by people who are not licensed to sell them. In fact, although curbstoners often pose as a car's owner, they usually do not hold the title to the cars they sell.